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Free Unit Conversion Software for Windows.

Aug 2012 – ESBUnitConv is a Free User-friendly Windows Utility to easily convert between units of measurement.

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Unit Converter enables you to convert from over 1,000 different units of Area, Basal Area (Forestry), Circular, Circular Area, dbh (Forestry), Energy/Work, Flow, .

Units[Converter] AddUnit add a unit to or modify a unit in the Unit Converter Calling Sequence Parameters Description Examples Calling Sequence AddUnit( .

kilo (k) 103, mega (M) 106, giga (G)109, tera (T) 1012, peta (P) 1015. General Converter for Energy. kJ, MJ, GJ, TJ. kcal, Mcal, Gcal, Tcal, Pcal. toe, ktoe, Mtoe.

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Manage calculator, unit converter & color codes. Get quick answers when you enter math equations or conversions in the Google Search box.

Free Unit Conversion Tools – Distance, Temperature, Volume, Time, Speed, More . Easy Access on Both Desktop & Mobile.