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The way bitcoin transactions work causes them to be chained together in a permanent public record. They are traceable along the blockchain from one bitcoin address to another. Bitcoin mixer servers the links between your old address and a new address by sending coins from you to other people and coins from them to you. It also randomizes transaction amounts and adds time delays to the.

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A bitcoin mixer service like BitMix.Biz will take your bitcoin, then give you different bitcoin in return. The platform collects everyone’s bitcoin deposits, mixes them up into one central account, and then returns the bitcoins to users. You get the same amount of bitcoin (minus a fee), but different bitcoin from different parts of the blockchain.

If you think Bitcoin is an anonymous cryptocurrency.

you are totally wrong (read this and this ). Some people using Bitcoin are looking to get a real privacy and this is where bitcoin mixing service websites are useful. Prior to the advent of trustless alternatives, mixing services (also called tumblers) were used to mix one’s funds with.

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